We are interested in the physics of collective excitation in crystalline materials. We wish to observe/understand/control the way electrons/photons/phonons and additional “lattice-induced” particles act in predesigned devices and ultra-pure mediums.

Using layered crystals that can be artificially stacked together into variety of such mediums we pursue our (hopefully innovative) ideas, where we aim to create and explore new phenomena in novel, previously unavailable, environments.

(Artwork by Maayan Vizner)

We are currently supported by:

Our Collaborators:
Femto-Nano Lab, Ariel Ismach Lab and Dagan Group
Dr. Fucai Liu
Theory: Eran Sela, Moshe Goldstein, and Roni Ilan.

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Useful links:
Physics Department Events & Seminars
The Chaoul Center for Nanoscale Systems – Scheduling and Information

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